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We are the "Little's Team" and we create Fun! Yes we take beautiful Portraits but that you can see. Our Mission with this website is to share with you what you can't see just by glancing. Once you have experienced the site fully you should have a better understanding of the passion we have for what we do. For Us, It's not enough to get great pictures. We want those pictures to remind you of an even greater experience! Our team has dedicated them selves to changing the face of family portraiture. In an industry that has been flooded with amateurs we have created a refreshing look that has raised the bar for photographers world wide. The Original creator and founder of Little's Portraits (formally Little Creations) Dave Little refused to conform to the Industry years ago. He created his own photographic style that has stood the test of time. With his artistic mind and "out of the box" thinking he developed his unique signature look which now know as "The Little's Signature Collection." The style was embraced immediately by the families of Central Florida and through the help of his wife and daughters; Little's Has become the photographic home for thousands of families throughout the country for the past 15 years. David retired from the family business in 2008. Since then Daughters Julie Little (Central Florida Photographer) and Jennifer Little-Kiss( South Florida Photographer) have kept there father's mission Alive and well. "To enjoy our clients and the time we spend creating their portraits for them. We do this by providing them with a Fun, Exciting and Unique Experience. One that will always remind them of the love they feel for each other, and the genuine laughter that they shared. We will protect the process by always bringing our best selves, to act as guides through their adventure. Never for a moment forgetting, just how lucky we are to be here, TOGETHER!"


Our Photographers hit the road a hand full of times through out the year to reach our loyal clients in other cities. Let us know if you are interested in having us come to your town and we will do are best to make sure that we can make it happen for you. Drop us and email of give us a call at one of our locations and we will let you know when we are available.

4829 New Broad St Orlando Florida 32814

Phone: 407-601-6909

Email: julielittlephoto@mac.com

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