Little’s Photo 101 Latest Graduating Class


This is a shot by Chester Canlas in our Littles’s Portraits Photo 101 class. This photo is a great example of a Panning shot!




This Photo was taken by Francesca Fey in our latest 101 photography class and is a example of proper white balance.




This photograph by Carrie Dossin is a two for one! This image deserves extra accolades for being a short depth of field and well as the wrong white balance on purpose.




This Image by Ashley Sitzes was shot for a photo 101 homework assignment and is a excellent example of stop motion photography.

This photo by Julie Weinberg was the runner up for class photo. Just look how this short depth of field shot really brings out his eyes.



This photo by Rene Porter is a great example of what white balance can do for the feel of a photograph. The over all warmth draws you in.






This photograph by Charlotte Chen is a great example of isolating your subject not only with a panning photography 101 technique but also with contrast and color.


This panning photograph by Jennifer Penny is a hard shot in our photography 101 class but so worth it. This little boy really thinks he is going that fast!This shot by Kelty Ori is the February photo 101  class winner! what a awesome shot of this puppy! congrats Kelty!

Congratulations to the Little’s Portraits 101 Photography Graduating Class!

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