Littles Portraits

Calendar of Classes

Basic Photography - Jan 19th 1- 4 pm, Feb 9th 6-9pm

Intermediate Photography - Jan 26th 1-4pm, Feb 16th 6-9pm

Advanced Photography - Feb 2nd 1-4pm, Feb 23rd 6-9pm

Basic Photo Shop - Jan16th 6-9pm, Feb 13th 1-4pm

Advanced Photo shop - Jan 23rd 6-9pm, Feb 20th 1-4pm

Compose Light Shoot - To be announced

Iphoneography - To be announced

Basic Flash - Jan 30th 6-9pm, Feb 27th 6-9pm

Advanced Flash - Feb 6th 6-9pm, March 6th 6-9pm

Call and become your inner Photographer