About Little’s Portraits

The History of Little’s

We are the “Little’s Team “ and we create Fun! For Us, It’s not enough to get great pictures. We want those pictures to remind you of an even greater experience! Our team has dedicated them selves to changing the face of portraiture. In an industry that has been flooded with amateurs we have created a refreshing look that has raised the bar for photographers world wide. 

The original creator and founder of Little’s Portraits (formally Little Creations) Dave Little refused to conform to the Industry years ago. He created his own photographic style that has stood the test of time. With his artistic mind and “out of the box” thinking he developed his unique signature look which now know as “The Little’s Signature Style.” The style was embraced immediately by the families of Central Florida and through the help of his wife and daughters; Little’s Has become the photographic home for thousands of families throughout the country for the past 25 years.

I believe…

Experience matters. The present and future matter. You aren’t having your photo taken for the sake of the photo itself. You are memorializing the now so you have an heirloom that you can present to the world and always reflect back on the future.

Hi, I’m Julie!

As a mother of three, lover of animals and ultimate “fun-seeker”, my approach to creating beautiful images is a personal and passionate one. I love connecting with each and everyone of my clients, making them comfortable and relaxed during their photo shoot, and bringing out their true personality. My images show the essence of who you really are and what you’re like rather than just your reflection.

For more than 20 years, I have been providing my Central Florida clients a fun, exciting and unique experience. From multi-generational family portraits and professional head-shots to baby’s first photos and senior pictures, I promise, our unforgettable time spent together will be forever remembered through the images we create together!

Making the decision to schedule a photo shoot will most always seem like a big task to take on. Please call me so I can help you work out those details. I am your partner in this and will walk you through the process. Looking forward to hearing from you and creating images that you will love and be proud to share.