Why should you book a shoot with us?

At Little’s, it’s all about fun. You will be focusing on the laughter around you and forget that the cameras are even there. Our photographers are so entertaining that you won’t be able to hold back your natural smiles. Everyone looks beautiful when they are having a great time. With over 100 shots to choose from, you will finally know what it feels like to be photogenic.

When you see your pictures, you’ll see the love in your family and the personalities of your children. The experience is way more than a picture could ever be, it is a memory of a day with the ones you love, sharing the most precious thing that we all crave, TIME TOGETHER!

When Should I book?

If you are asking the question, then NOW is the answer. Our portraits have little to do with a specific age or special events and more to do with state of mind and heart. We recommend that you do it as soon as the opportunity arises. Just put it on the calendar and we will help you make it happen. 

Timing will never be perfect, especially since we are all so busy with our everyday lives. Children will always get sick, working parents will always have meetings and you will always want to lose 10 lbs. Our pictures are about celebrating your family, your relationships, your love…. Anytime is a good time for that! Don’t put it off any longer, schedule your appointment TODAY. The hardest part in our process is getting to the photo shoot, we can’t get you here but what we can promise you is once you are here we will take it from there.

What makes us different?

Having a great camera doesn’t make you a great photographer. Our photographers don’t hide behind busy backgrounds or fancy props. We just don’t have to! The “Little’s” look is very simple, clean and timeless. Great expressions never go out of style. Add the “I believe section” here

What Should i wear?

First and foremost you want to feel comfortable and confident, so wear something that you feel good in! If you’re booking a shoot with a group, here’s a few recommendations.

Make sure your outfits coordinate well with one another. Stick to a color palette of one or two colors. Matching outfits can look a little dated – coordinated outfits look harmonious and pretty. To make sure all of your outfits go well together, try laying out everyone’s photoshoot outfits the day before if you can!

Ask your children what they’d like to wear. Asking their opinions will help to make sure they feel comfortable and involved!

Keep an eye on the weather forecast and make sure you dress accordingly. Choose colors that are appropriate for the season. And if it’ll be chilly during your photoshoot, be sure to bundle up!

A few don’ts:

Patterns: one or two family members wearing a pattern is okay, but too many patterns tend to clash and draw too much attention.

White: wearing white tends to wash people out.

Black: black can be great in a solo shoot, but for groups there are better options.

Large logos: graphic tees tend to distract from the most important part of the photo – your beautiful faces!


Do I get digital copies?

The short answer is yes and no, contact me to get more details!